Short Auto-Bio of Michael E. Pipkins

USA Today and the New York Times Best Sellers lists have stated that they are fully unaware of Michael E. Pipkins and have confirmed that he is not on the bestsellers list. In fact, Worldwide Michael E. has sold less than 20 million copies of his books. Michael’s books haven’t received dozens of endorsements from leading publications.

All kidding aside, the truth is that my books will Never make the USA Today and the New York Times best sellers list because all of my publications are independently published – USA Today and the New York Times don’t include independently published works on their best-sellers lists … they just don’t.

C’est la vie

But it doesn’t really matter because my works are not intended for profit. All of my publications are intended to provide users (notice I didn’t say, “Readers”) with tools that will enrich their mind, make their job a little easier, or provide some practical benefit to their lives.  If it’s entertainment you seek – there are about 50 million other writers out there who will be happy to oblige.

By trade & genetic predisposition, I am an Architect. As such, my works are either centered on this endeavor or are some form of a hobbylistic© distraction to which I have allowed my mind to saunter into.

Anyway, as this page is supposed to cover biographical information, I have provided a short list of statistics for you to pass over without actually reading. For a full autobiography you will have to wait until I am dead.

  • Born: May 7  – To wit: I consider the Number 7 to be my lucky number. When I die, I will then select an “unlucky” number.
  • Won 1st Prize in my 6th Grade – Bicycle Safety Rodeo Contest.  My crowning achievement in sporting related activities.
  • Won 1st Place – Most Buildable Award – in Southern Nevada Home Builders Association Drafting Contest for all of Clark County, Nevada high school students.  Proving without a doubt that at the age of 18, I actually did know everything.
  • Graduated Honor Roll / Deans List – Phoenix Institute of Technology – 1987. The most prestigious architectural drafting school in the country … now bankrupt.
  • Registered Residential Designer – 1994 – Nevada – After meeting extensive educational requirements, work experience and completing a grueling 2 day examination, this stripped down version of an Architectural License gave me full legal authority to design single family homes and small apartment buildings. Something that every other state in the union allows without any sort of licensure what-so-ever.
  • Licensed Architect – 2011 – Nevada – After 25 short years of commitment to the architectural profession working on multi-million dollar high rise projects; teaching and training dozens of young graduates in the field of architecture; I finally earned enough work experience credit to prove that I have met the equivalent education requirement obtained by a 23 year old college graduate. Thereafter passing 12 parts of a 9 part test (no, I’m not kidding) I was finally able to obtain my initial registration – just in time to retire.
  • Licensed Architect – 2011 – Texas – Just because I live there. A process of reciprocity that was considerably faster than the first time (4 months later).
  • Licensed Architect – Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii. Extra states are really just gravy so dates are no longer relevant.

Having discovered the fabulous world of indie-publishing, I finally have an avenue to bring all those crazy thoughts, ideas and mind numbing creations that have been rattling around in my brain to the masses.

And I Love it.

Using my patented and systematic approach to investigative technology, my first (test) publication was in fact a publication about my future publications. My “Index of Publications of Michael E. Pipkins” was intended to test the indie publishing system, look for bugs and learn the process, before I actually invested the time in more serious publications that actually might have value.

Besides, they say that the hardest publication is always the ‘first’ one. So my thought is, why not just get that one out of the way so that I can jump right into the ‘easier’ phase. And you know what? It worked.

My second, and more official publication was a concept that I had already developed some time earlier but had set aside due to discovering that the traditional book publishing business really sucks. The 5th Dimension Password Keeperwas developed after I became the victim of a computer hack. Even though no victim ever deserves to be taken by a criminal, it turns out that I had aided and abetted the slimy bastard by using an easily crackable© password.

This not only put me in harm’s way, but it also may have endangered my friends, family, consultants and even my clients. So I developed an Internet Password Organizer that was as safe offline from thieves as it would be online to computer hackers. So far, it’s a pretty good success.

After that, the publications began to flow.

Turning back to Architecture, I took a process that I had used for the last 20 years and put it into “The Architect’s Project Manual Workbook.  No longer would architects need to keep all that critical (and frequently accessed) project information written down on scattered and cheesy writing pads. Now there is a single place to keep all that data. It fits neatly into a file folder and there is no booting up a computer or need to spend thousands of dollars on software upgrades. It’s fast, easy and effective.

But why stop there? It turns out that I’ve already created lots of time saving tools for my profession. Why not offer those to others as well?

So then came The Architect’s Meeting Minutes JournalandThe Architect’s Construction Observation Log;  two more great tools that are not exactly fine literature, but make short work of the task to which they are intended. Again, old school – but effective. It may look like it is just a step up from using an old pad of paper, but a perfect bound book not only presents a more professional appearance it also is a legal instrument that conveys a verifiable timeline of events. A good thing to have in the business of architecture.

As of today, I’m currently engaged in working for a Major Multi-family Developer as their in-house Owners Architect.

So there you have it. Probably way more than you ever wanted to know – but it doesn’t really matter because if you actually read through this whole thing, I assure you – you are probably the only one who did.

Anyway, hope you have a great day. Thanks again for stopping by. Let’s do lunch sometime.

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