So it is appropriate now to take a look at what was accomplished with my Jenny Craig journey.

This were my initial questions on day 1:

Can I actually lose 16 pounds in the first 4 weeks as they advertise? Does the plan actually work? Will I have the strength to follow through with it? How good is the food?

So, did I lose 16 pounds? No. I lost 6.7 pounds.

Although technically 6.7 pounds meets the disclaimer on their website of “up to” … but then again, so would losing just 1 pound. Now, to be honest, I didn’t follow the plan 100%. BUT, I believe that I followed the plan about as good as any normal, rational, working person would. We are not robots. I only slipped up a couple of times … and was right back on the bandwagon the next day. You can read my daily journal and make that determination for yourself. And in my opinion, any weight loss plan which is dependent on 100% strict compliance is not realistic.

Did I follow through with it? Yes. I got a little sloppy there at the end but I made it through.

How good is the food? There was not one single Jenny Craig item that I would care about eating again. Anything with bread or tortilla just doesn’t cook well in a microwave and was not “good”. Edible, sometimes. At best, I would say that I lost excitement to eat anything from Jenny Craig pretty early on.

Now, the cost. If you have read my journal you know that I bitch about this constantly. Their food is not just expensive, but G. Damn Expensive. In some cases 15x what you would pay in the supermarket. If the food were really exceptional and I was losing weight fast, I wouldn’t mind paying so much. It would have value and I don’t mind paying for value. But when it tastes the way it does, and doesn’t fulfill the promise it offends me that they charge so much.

In essence, I paid $660 + for 4 weeks of Jenny Craig food. That works out to $98.50 per pound of weight loss. $23.00 per day. But don’t forget that I had to add my own fruits & vegetables so the real cost was $800 + for 4 weeks. or $119.40 per pound. $28.57 per day.

In order for me to lose my 61 pounds with Jenny Craig it would take 9+ months and $7,200 to lose the weight. That is just not sustainable for me and I suspect that it isn’t for the average person in America either.

What about the Jenny Craig “support” system? My support consisted of going in one a week for weigh in, buying food and the girl asking me, “hows it going?” I asked my representative once if she had gone through Jenny Craig and her answer was, “no”. So, how can my rep even relate to me being a skinny little Bit** , not ever struggling with weight issues or even using the product they sell? One time I was going out of town and wouldn’t have access to microwaves etc, I called to seek their advise. In essence I was told just eat from the child’s menus, don’t eat french fries or find somewhere with salad. Wow, thanks for that brilliant nutritional recommendation. Not once did I get a call from anyone at Jenny Craig to check up on me. Never once did anyone as me how I was coping. What support system did I have at home? What was the hardest part of my day?

The short of it is that their is very little “support”. My rep was nothing more than a salesperson. Honestly, I got better “support” from my Fit Bit chat rooms with anonymous people.

So, what’s my plan going forward? I’m not giving up on my journey to lose weight and change my life. But it’s surely not going to be with Jenny Craig.

For one, I’m going to help out others who may want to give Jenny Craig a try but don’t want to buy their ridiculously expensive food. Maybe it would be better if people had more options. I discovered that for just about every item on the Jenny Craig menu you can find a pretty close alternative right in your own grocery store… at half the cost or less.

So in the coming days I will publish the compete Jenny Craig nutrition ratings for all their food. (Guess what? Nutritional information is not subject to copyright.) Then you can use this to create your own menus similar to Jenny Craig. I thought about a name for this and I have come up with the “Generic Packaged Food Diet”. Honestly, there is no magic to it. All you do is eat less 1700 calories a day. Eat 6 times a day. Eat vegetables & fruits throughout the day. And drink plenty of water. Staying off Sugar and Caffeine. That’s it. For that brilliant advice and direction Jenny Craig charges you $660 per month… you just got it for free. Your Welcome!

Then, for my own weight loss journey I recently watched the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. It really moved me and I’m going to give his “Reboot” a try. BTW, you can watch this movie for free on his website at:

Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

So stick with me for my next 30 – 60 days. We will see how it compares to Jenny Craig and how effective Joe’s plan is.




Jenny Craig – Final Review
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