Friday, February 2, 2018

So I’ve made the commitment. I’ve signed up for the Jenny Craig – Rapid Results weight loss program through the online portal and today I met with Denise at my local center. Denise was great! Didn’t get the feeling of being judged even though she is a skinny little thing. Forgot to ask her if she has been through the program. I will try and remember to do that next time.

We went through the normal goal stuff and figured out my plan.

I will be on a 1700 calorie diet. The meals seem decent enough. I like that everything is planned out and I don’t have to do any sort of calculating of points or choosing the right foods. They do it all … all I have to do is Pay (yikes) and eat. Simple. Perfect.

The plan has me eating 5 times a day. This is 2-3 times more than usual for me. On a normal day 50% of the time I don’t even eat any sort of breakfast. If I do eat, there is pretty good chance it is an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds.

Prior to Jenny Craig, a traditional lunch day for me could be anything from a Big Mac at McDonalds to Caesar Salad at Houligans’. At least once or twice a week I’m eating at an actual sit down restaurant. Restaurant Burgers, Mexican food, Soup & Sandwich … the like. The other days are pretty much junk food of various kinds. Although I tend to eat more chicken than beef. I’ll usually get fries, but rarely eat more than 1/2 of them. Have been trying to stay away from fried foods for awhile. It’s worked in that I haven’t actually gained any weight in a year.

So the food that I’m buying sounds reasonably healthy. Not thrilled with the fact that about 20-30% of what I will be eating still comes from the store. Mostly fresh fruits & vegetables. Considering the cost of this program … that pretty much adds insult to injury.

My guesstimate of cost is that it will take about $200 per week to run this program. $166 of that is my bill from Jenny Craig on Week 1.

History has shown that I had been spending about $70 wk on eating out for lunch during the work week. So at least I can view that as savings. Then add in Dinners (Dining out at least once a week) plus cooking at home (6 days) plus lunch at home on weekends would bump up the savings another $50 per week. That puts me about $80 wk in the hole for the program over what I am currently spending.


Anyway, I picked up the food right there in the office. Denise was even nice enough to let me substitute Cheese Snaps for Kettle Corn … because I can’t stand getting popcorn in my teeth.

I can’t actually start the program until next Tuesday because I’m having a proceedure on Monday and I have to drink liquids all day Saturday and then fast on Sunday. So although I did a weigh in, for all practical purposes my real start weight will be set on Tuesday.

One thing that just occurred to me … the cost of this program is going to seriously cut into my cigar budget. Doh!

Away we go!



Jenny Craig Pre-Launch
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