February 11th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 258.0 lbs

Pounds Lost: 3.8   |   Pounds to go: 58.0

Slept in a bit today so didn’t get breakfast until about 8:30. Took a little work to get the Sunshine Sandwich* ($6.29) separated into its parts because the cheese was frozen to the bun. Nuked it for about 20 seconds to soften it up and then was able to pull it off with a fork. Dropped the buns into the toaster. Again broke the rules to add Mayo. I just can’t have a dry sandwich. Happy to again substitute the Toxic Greek Yogurt for Cottage cheese. For the first time in about 5 days I had a cup of coffee … with my cream & sugar. If JC has a problem with that she can kiss my ass… coffee is brain food.

Clearly, I’m already starting to deviate from the program a bit. Adding ingredients here and there to add flavor. Also, I just can’t go a whole week without a coffee … and I can’t drink coffee without my cream & sugar. How much of an effect it will have? I dunno. I’m sure that if I don’t lose the full 14 lbs the bean counters at Jenny Craig would cry foul, pointing out all the technicalities that I didn’t follow. But I really don’t care since I’m doing this on my terms, not theirs.

I learned something new today. I learned that there is a psychological connection to proper plating of the food. For some reason I feel better when I remove the food from the carton and eat it on a plate, or in real bowl. Maybe it’s because it seems more like an adult meal and less like a college dorm experience. The presentation really seems to affect my mood.

Dinner finished nicely. The Beef Merlot* ($7.89) was considerably better than the Tuna can I had the other day. Coupled with some left over peppers, it made for a fine dinner.

The Cookies & Cream Cake* ($3.49) is more like half an Oreo, only about 2x the size. It was good.

Jenny Craig – Day 6
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