February 10th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 258.2 lbs

Pounds Lost: 3.6   |   Pounds to go: 58.2

So today is the day that I check in at Jenny Craig. My weigh in reports that I’ve actually lost 6 lbs since I joined, but that number is not really true. Technically, I joined on a Friday but didn’t actually start the program until the following Tuesday. In the gap between, I actually lost 3 1/2 ish pounds which is not attributed to Jenny Craig.

So it turns out that my “personal weight loss consultant” (or whatever it is called), is less of a person and more of a “whomever is available” representative. While Denise was in the office, she passed me off to someone else for my follow up. So what was the point of the cursory “getting to know me” BS that they were selling on my first visit? The short of it is that all they really do is record your weight & sell you the next weeks food. I suppose they are available if you have any questions or need encouragement, but I didn’t get the feeling that they really cared one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, they seem to be nice people, but I don’t really see them as acting as any sort of real councilors.

On the upside, the new girl (don’t even remember her name) did advise me that I could switch out the nasty yogurt for cottage cheese. THANK GOD! Also, I can supplement a snack on the go with a Shake. Which is good because the afternoon snacks have been problematic with my meetings schedule. The bad side is that I had to buy more shakes … which brings this weeks food bill to $175.00 (Jenny Craig) plus another $60.00 for veg & fruit at the supermarket. So that makes it $235 for Week #2

So, let’s take a quick look at the food today.

The Cinnamon Rolls*($3.49) were ok. Pleased that they don’t have that ‘diet’ taste. Learning from my previous experience, I no longer follow the heating instructions on the package. So for the Classic Cheeseburger* ($7.29) I separated the buns, dropped them in the toaster and then nuked the guts in the microwave. Without the buns it cooked much faster, so I had to keep my eye on it so that it wouldn’t overcook. I topped the burger with some diced tomatoes and chopped dill pickles. I also broke the rules and spread a very thin layer of Mayo on the bun. Bottom line, it was as good as it could get. Obviously not as good as my favorite Super Star from Carl’s Jr, but it was good enough.

For dinner I took the same philosophy to the Ramen Noodle Bowl w/ Chicken & Veggies* ($7.69) by ignoring the cooking instructions. Half way through cooking I peeled back the film and stirred the contents. Then reapplied the film and continued cooking. In the meantime, I saute up some frozen 3 pepper blend. Combined all the ingredients and added my own dash of Sriracha sauce. The result, a really nice dinner not that different that I would have made myself.

The Chocolate Lava Cake* ($3.49) is actually a nice desert (snack). Since this is essentially “bread” like product, I decided to cook it on 50% power until I observed that the chocolate was melted enough. It worked perfectly.

So another day in the books. Two more days to go in my first week.



Jenny Craig – Day 5
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