February 9th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 259.8 lbs

Pounds Lost: 2.0   |   Pounds to go: 59.8

2 pound in 4 days … not exactly breakneck speed for weight loss. But honestly all I am looking for is 1-2 lbs a week, in a healthy way. So I’m good with that. And I’ve still got three days to go for the first week.

Breakfast today was the Country Sausage Gravy Scramble* ($6.59) along with raspberries in the Toxic Greek Yogurt. Even with the fruit in the yogurt I couldn’t take it … had to add a tablespoon of sugar just to stomach it. Now I understand why it is that manufacturers put so much sugar in yogurt … because otherwise nobody would eat this disgusting crap. I dare you to take a look at the sugar content on those Yoplait …  if you do, you will probably never let your kids have one again.

The Egg Scramble was really not all that appetizing. It has eggs, sausage & potatoes in a gravy. The small potato pieces have the skin on them and just like the Loaded Baked Potato* they get spongy in the microwave. In this case they were small enough that you just Swallow Them Down like the Jagged Little Pills that they are.

Had the Vanilla Shake* ($9.99 / pk. of 4) without the coffee today. The shakes are pretty good.

Snack time – No worries. All is well. Not that hungry. But seriously fighting off a craving for a Coke. Haven’t had a soda in about a week and I think I’m starting to hallucinate from the lack of sugar. Just Kidding.

Really wish I hadn’t forgot to pack the Cheesy Broccoli* ($5.99). That left me with just the Chicken Carbonara* ($7.69), which was not good at all. So now I’ve discovered ANOTHER problem with the food. Their cooking instructions are really simple: 1. poke holes in film; 2. cook; 3; let stand 1 minute; 4. eat. There is no mention of ‘Stirring’ the food – which is a BIG problem. It turned out that all the dried ingredients were plopped in one place so that whole section just stuck together in one big crusty glob. (See pic). So at just 4 days in I am really disappointed at the quality of the food so far. These are supposed to be “Chef Created” and I’m sorry, but I am paying a SHIT LOAD of money for this program and I expect the food to actually taste good. Is that too much to ask?

Well, thus far it seems that these may be the worst Chef’s in America. It seems to me that they have never actually eaten them from the frozen package. I find myself in the mindset now of just eating to survive. Following the routine with the strict goal of loosing weight and with little expectation of actually enjoying the food in the process. I am trying to keep an open mind, learn and adapt. Maybe if I take matters in my own hands to fix their poorly thought out cooking instructions I can make the food more palatable.

At only 4 days in, I really don’t see me going beyond this 12 week trial. Maybe I just got the diet blues but I’m really, really (I can’t tell you how much) pissed off I am that a lot of the food is sub-par. Some stuff is ok and edible. But so far nothing that I have eaten makes me give a shit if I ever eat it again. Let me say it again, I paid $166 for one week of this food. That is at least 4x what it would cost for me to make it myself and probably 2x the cost of a restaurant. Also, let me tell you this, it does NOT look like the pictures they have on their web site.

Anyway, dinner today was a small tin of tuna, 5 crackers & some left over peppers. I had to laugh when I realized that our Chihuahua had more dinner than I did … and he got fresh chicken.


Jenny Craig – Day 4
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