February 8th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 260.7 lbs

Pounds Lost: 1.1   |   Pounds to go: 60.7

Day 3 starts off pretty good. I’m getting better at prepping for the day. Last night I gathered all my food, put it in my lunch bag and stored it in the fridge. I figure that the insulated bag will keep the frozen stuff cold enough so that it won’t completely thaw. And if it did, so what.

The Breakfast Burrito* ($?.??) was pretty good. It is about the same size as those frozen burritos you buy 10 to a bag in the supermarket.

Forgot to pack my “Anytime*” bar so I skipped that on my morning snack. No big deal. The fruit, cottage cheese and nuts was just fine.

The Loaded Baked Potato* ($6.39) is not that great. The skin on the potatoes just doesn’t microwave well. The rest of the potato is ok, but just like the bread, the skin of potatoes ends up chewy. You would think that the expert chefs at Jenny Craig would know this. I’ve had other microwave meals that didn’t end up like this, so why is JC so far behind the curve. For the price you pay for this food, it should be freaking awesome.

I was out of the office at afternoon snack time so it wasn’t until I got home at about 5:30 that I actually had my afternoon snack … just before dinner. Honestly, didn’t really matter because I am already so sick of this shitty Greek Yogurt that I only ate about 3 bites of it anyway. Just to be clear, the Greek yogurt is not from Jenny Craig. (I mark all Jenny Craig Food with an “*”) This is just a normal store bought brand… which I will never buy again.

For dinner I had the Creamy Penne with Vegetables* ($7.49). For my store bought add in I used a frozen bag of mixed peppers. Saute’d in a little extra virgin olive oil. Now this was a GREAT combination. Totally satisfying.

My final snack was about 7:30. The Ranch Snaps* ($2.39) are good. I would eat those instead of chips any day.

So Day 3 is history. Despite the adventure with the Greek yogurt I’m still not feeling hungry. Got major cravings though. Thank God for DVR because I can skip over all those food commercials.


Jenny Craig – Day 3
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