February 26th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 255.2 lbs

Pounds Lost: 6.6   |   Pounds to go: 55.2

Going out of town today. So sticking with the normal Jenny Craig Meal plan is going to be difficult. My councilor says that each day stands alone so I could switch out the normal food of today with a different day.

The best choice for this is next Tuesdays’ meal plan. This is because it contains all foods that don’t have to be refrigerated or even cooked. So while the plan shown here is the normal plan, it is not the plan that I’m going to follow. The plan I am following is for Day 23… so you can skip ahead to that day.

Although, I must be honest. I already plan on cheating!! The reason, Carl’s Jr.

I am afraid that those damn Super Stars’ are my cryptonite.

So I start off the day ok with the Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Burrito* ($6.29) I pack in my lunch bag the Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit *($5.49), my salad, fruit, Anytime bar and an extra shake just in case I won’t be able to actually stop for a snack.

All is well until lunchtime. My car magically locks on to the target and I begin my attack run. I was able to keep a bit of my wits and ordered only the Super Star with Cheese, no onions please. No fries, No Coke. Just the sandwich.

I am literally savoring every single bite like it could be my last Super Star on earth. It was magnificent. Glorious. I hear bells and a choir singing. I may have died and gone to heaven.

Then, the guilt sets in. Along with a side helping of bloating and uneasiness. Pretty sure that in the last month my stomach as shrunk a bit because I am WAY uncomfortable. This feeling lasts for HOURS. All though my meeting I am uncomfortable.

Honestly, I didn’t even want my afternoon snack or dinner. But I went ahead and ate them thinking that I’m supposed to keep eating every two / three hours.

BTW. The ‘Dinner’ was supposed to be the Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potato* ($6.39) but my councilor had replaced that with the Ham & Swiss Baguette* ($7.39) since it wouldn’t require any refrigeration. Since we are on the subject of this particular food let me add that even thawed the whole wheat bun it still spongy. Also it is literally one slice of meat and one thin slice of cheese. To think about what you would get at Subway for the same money … it’s disgusting what Jenny Craig is charging. Oh and let’s not forget that all those extra veggies you would get at subway are FREE foods.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I .. will .. never .. do .. that .. again!

Jenny Craig – Day 21
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