February 24th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 255.6 lbs

Pounds Lost: 6.2   |   Pounds to go: 55.6

This Saturday morning I’m up a bit, but not bad. I suspect this is just normal fluctuation because I really didn’t go overboard at poker last night.

I did sleep in a bit this morning. So I’m about 2 hours out of sink with my normal routine.

With my Cinnamon Rolls* ($3.49) this morning I had a cup of coffee with about 1 tsp of sugar and used the vanilla shake as a substitute for cream. Then I just finished the rest of the shake after. A banana rounded out my breakfast.

Today was my weigh-in day at Jenny Craig. My progress is clear; about 2 pounds per week thus far. This should put me about 8 pounds (+/-) by then end of the month. Which seems to be pretty standard with just about any weight loss program created. If this rate holds true it will be about 4 pounds short of where I really wanted to be … and way less than where Jenny Craig advertises on their website. (See Below)

The fine print in their advertising is that the “Average” is 11.6 pounds. So I could still be 3.5 pounds short. But their clear intent is to imply that you could lose up to 16 pounds. Which means, someone on earth actually DID lose 16 pounds. This gives the scum-sucking lawyers the excuse they need to use the technicality of “up to”. And don’t lose site of the fact that it says, “for those who completed the program.” Translation: They only counted those who completed the full 4 months. How many people drop out because of NO RESULTS? Let’s not underestimate just how sneaky those scum sucking lawyers can be with bean counting and technicalities. But what do I know? It’s just conjecture and opinion of observation on my part.

Still, let’s put the B.S. aside … Jenny Craig want you to believe that you will lose 16 pounds in 4 weeks. The rest of the fine print be damned.

So, another $168.80 to cover the next week.

Moving on… The Salisbury Steak *($7.69) is pretty good. It has a taste that is meatier than what I remember from those packaged Salisbury Steaks I ate as a single guy. The sauce wasn’t as greasy as I would have expected. The potatoes on the other hand turned out to be nasty, stuck together and chewy… as they always are when cooked in a microwave. I don’t quite understand why they had to provide just one little scoop of peas and carrots.  Those foods have basically no calories so why not include more of them?

By itself, the Chicken Fettuccine* ($7.69) isn’t much of anything. The sauce didn’t thicken up that much and there was not that much flavor. Although I was surprised that it had quite a bit of chicken. But by the time I added in my pepper blend, it coated everything well and made for a nice meal. Not that different than I would have made by scratch.

The Apple Crisp* ($3.49) didn’t nuke well. The directions said to nuke it for 15 seconds and I gave it 20… even then it was still a bit frozen in the middle. (BTW, I have a top of the line microwave. Not a cheapo.) I ate it like that anyway because it so small you can swallow it in about 4 bites. When you think about paying $3.49 for something this small it kinda makes you sick to your stomach. I’m really getting more appalled by the day at the audacity of this company to charge what they do for the amount of food (and quality) that they provide.


Jenny Craig – Day 19
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