February 22nd, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 256.2 lbs

Pounds Lost: 5.6   |   Pounds to go: 56.2

I really don’t get how your body gains & loses weight for no apparent reason. Nothing changes in your diet or activity level yet the weight inexplicably goes up. Then back down with equally no explanation.

The weather today has moved my meeting to next week. So I am on a normal routine for today. Still, since breakfast today is just a banana, the Chocolate Dream Shake* ($9.99 pack of 4) and the Mixed Berry Bar* ($2.69), I just packed them all in my lunch bag and headed off to work.

A cup of coffee to go which I have logged in my FitBit app as “Mikes Coffee” shows that it is only 33 calories with the cream & sugar.

Lunch today is not very eventful. The Cheesy Potatoes & Chicken* ($7.69) wasn’t really all that cheesy. Which is actually fine with me because I would rather cut back on cheese anyway. But if you are really into cheese, then you will probably be disappointed.

Wasn’t really sure what Italian Style Wedding Soup* ($5.99) is supposed to be like. Looked like a lintel soup to me. My staple is to add the 3 pepper blend as my vegetables for dinner so I did the same thing with the soup. It gave it a little more body and made is look less like vomit.


Jenny Craig – Day 17
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