February 19th, 2018

My goal weight: 200 lbs
My start weight: 261.8 lbs
My current weight: 256.8 lbs

Pounds Lost: 5.0   |   Pounds to go: 56.8

Well, looks like I have almost caught up to a proper weight loss. Went from 3.5 to 5.0 lbs on Sunday. Had to weigh myself twice just to make sure. So at the end of two weeks I’m down 5 lbs. That is close the goal I’ve set yet somehow I’m not feeling too good about it. Maybe I’m just holding on to resentment because of all the ups & downs and the obscene cost of all this Jenny Craig food.

Wasn’t really sure what a Cranberry Almond Barscotti* ($Not Found) was. Basically, it’s just another type of power bar. If you’ve had one, you’ve had them all.

Since breakfast was such a small thing, I decided to have a cup of coffee this morning for the ride to work. Added about 1 tsp of non-dairy cream & 1 tsp of sugar. Drank the shake separately after getting to work.

The Classic Cheeseburger* ($7.29) definitely has that soy taste. Heated the bun in our toaster oven at work and nuked the patty. The “cheese” part of the burger is slightly bigger than a postage stamp. Jenny Craig sure knows how to embrace the technicalities that’s for sure.

Stoked to see how the Chicken Pot Pie comes out tonight. (Note intense sarcasm)

There is something not quite right about the Chicken Pot Pie* ($7.69). I can’t put my finger on it exactly. The unusually thick sauce has a bit of an uncooked flour taste, kinda moldy like. Although that is probably not a good explanation. It’s just the only reference that I can come up with. At first I was afraid to eat it… thinking it might be bad. But then I realized that this is just the way it tastes. I added half an avocado to top it and honestly the only way to cover up the strange taste of the pie was to get a piece of avocado in each bite.

One last thing, I’ve not done a lot of commenting on the snacks. Because, well they are just snacks. But I do have to comment on the S’mores Bar* ($2.49) tonight. While it is small, it really does taste like a good ol’ S’mores Bar that you might buy in the store. Then again, it does pack 12 grams of sugar (140 calories) into a really small package. It’s about as long as the palm of your hand is wide. I tend to take really, really small nibbles to make it last as long as possible.



Jenny Craig – Day 14
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